About Us


DCW Casing LLC is a partnership formed from three of the most reputable companies in the natural casings industry. As a joined entity; DAT-Schaub, Casing Associates and Wolfson Casing have the largest array of natural casing products worldwide. DCW is unique in that we have control of our products every step of the way from raw material through selection and fulfillment.

Consistency, traceability and quality control are the main focuses of DCW.  The history of each independent entity is what has allowed this structure to be possible.

A combined 250 years of experience is what makes DCW the most experienced and qualified supplier in the industry.



DAT-Schaub was founded in 1893 in Esbjerg, Denmark with only 4 employees cleaning and selecting Danish hog casings. From the modest start the company grew together along with the Danish slaughterhouses, expanding throughout the next 120 years. Over the decades, DAT-Schaub has been active in food trade and food service business, however from 2002, the focus has been on natural and artificial casings, ingredients, packaging and machinery.


Casing Associates

In 1918, Louis Schwartz, 14 years old, was one of nine children. He started to work in a slaughter after hours to help keep his family afloat. He was provided with the opportunity to clean the intestines after work for one penny per piece. This task gave Louis an understanding of the trade and placed a value on natural casings at an early age. That value was instilled in him and he eventually left to work for his first casing company, Hamburg Casing, in 1928. Louis had a long and successful career at Hamburg until 1955 when he decided to start his own business, Casing Associates. Louis wanted to focus on quality products and saw several industry niches that were not being fulfilled. In the late 1960’s his sons Philip and Donald Schwartz joined the company to help accommodate its growth. Phil formed strong relationship with suppliers like DAT and became known as a consistent and reliable supplier to customers, while Donald ran the back end of the business. The complimenting skill sets of the Schwartz brothers allowed Casing Associates to grow in an international producer and supplier. In 2009, Casing Associates partnered with DAT to become the official distributor of Danish casings in North America.


Wolfson Casing Corporation

More than 100 years ago Eleazer Wolfson founded Wolfson Casing Corporation and dedicated himself to producing the worlds finest natural casings at the best possible price. That same dedication continued into the next generation when Gisele Wolfson Bardfield and Irving Bardfield developed the customizing of casing to suit the specific needs of their customers. The third generation family members Monte Wolfson and Steven Bardfield embraced the ideals of its founders and developed the organization into an international producer and supplier. The fourth generation members David and Ricky Gordon took major steps to redefine quality selection and expand the sales forces to the furthest reaches of the globe. Prior to forming DCW Casing, Wolfson had already secured its position as the number one producers and sellers of hog casing in North America.


It is not uncommon in business to hear the words “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. There is certainly wisdom in that statement, however often innovation can improve upon productivity as well as cut down on costs. DCW Casing works with several thousand customers worldwide from major distributors to local sausage makers. Our goal is to identify the specific needs of a customer in order to recommend the ideal casing for their specific application. Traditionally, the main focus put upon casings manufacturers was related to how many pounds per hank the casing will stuff. Though this is certainly an important factor, a new emphasis is being place on topics such as pounds per hours, percentage of rework, and avoidance of worker fatigue.

Pounds per hour:
DCW casing manufactures the longest strand casings in the world, which have the ability to produce up to 4,000 pounds per hour on a single horn stuffing machine. These casings are ideal for producers who are constantly faced with over-time or customers who are forced to consider purchasing extra machinery to cope with demand. DCW will work closely with its customer to understand the specific requirement of the factory. We can help our customers identify a casing that provides the perfect balance between production efficiency and cost per hank.

Percentage of rework:
The amount of rework on any given stuffing machine is based on several factors: the main factor being the amount of holes a casing manufacture allows in each hank of product. DCW has a very strict standard that allows zero holes per hank. This policy of zero holes in a strand of casing provides the sausage maker significantly reduced rework, creating increased production on the line. Having a zero hole policy is a commitment that most casing companies are unwilling or unable to uphold. Such a standard requires additional labor during selection as well as a market for the shorter strand casings. DCW has markets around the world for shorter strand casings allowing us to separate the appropriate products for our customers with premium quality needs.

Avoidance of worker fatigue:
As the hours of the day roll by, workings on the line natural slow down. DCW is focused on keeping worker productivity high which is why we focus on longer stands with a lack of holes. A longer stand on the horn requires less reloading and less brakes in the sausage, directly resulting in less rework. A smoother running line is the key to avoiding worker fatigue benefiting both the workers and the owners simultaneously.