Barrier Casings

Barrier casings are the simplest and most cost effective way to stuff bulk meat into a casing. These casings are ideal for raw or cooked meats and utilize our specifically designed EVOH layer that provides extended shelf life beyond traditional plastics. With limitless options on base colors and available 5 color custom prints you can present your products with a high end retail appearance. Our barrier products come in five and seven layer material and can be proceed shirred or on reels. Not all plastics are equal and several key feature put or offerings ahead of the curve.

  • extreme thermal stability
  • fat resistant material
  • class leading shelf life with unique EVOH layer
  • strict calibration portion control and consistent stuffing density
  • 360 degree no seam printing up to 5 colors

Shrink bags

For shelf life focused, product forming packaging with high levels of transparency shrink bags are an optimal choice. DCW has a wide range of offerings from ultra thin high transparency bags to the high strength bags intended for bone in or clipped products. Our shrink bags are offer with both circular and strait open ends in accordance with our customer needs. These bags can also be produced with customer printing upon our customer request. The three most popular shrink bags we offer are Amivac MB-9 and Amivac S.

Amivac MB-9:

  • Strongest bag: intended for bone-in meat production
  • Can be used with clips
  • Puncture resistant to large granular spices or other shape or dense internal structures
  • Up to 45% shrink

Amivac S:

  • Ultra high transparency product: Ideal for retail items
  • Intended for non-boned meats
  • Most reasonably priced
  • Up to 55% shrink


Atlantis Packs line of 13 layer thermoforming film is the most advanced and environmentally friendly packaging material. The extrusion technology allows DCW to down gauge more than 50% while still achieving lower leaker rates in a more transparent package. Our films reduce packaging waste substantially while being more environmentally friendly, while a typical bottom roll of film weighs half of what a standard bottom roll would weigh. Being environmentally friendly has never been more profitable.

  • Outer layer made of polyethylene (PET)
  • For glossy appearance and excellence transparency
  • Up to 50% down gauging
  • Reduced packaging waste

Permeable Plastics

In partnership with Atlantis Pak, DCW offers an array of innovative and effective permeable plastics. Permeable plastic have the ability to replace items such as cellulose, collagen, fibrous and other permeable types of casings. In many cases permeable plastics provide more bacteria protection, higher yield savings, and better per meter costs in comparison to other permeable casings on the market. We focus on two types of permeable plastics: iPeel and iCel.

Cellulose has historically been the driving force within the skinless industry. Until recently, there has not been a viable production-ready replacement for cellulose. In 2012, iPeel was certified and ready to be marketed worldwide. Since its introduction is has proved to be the most innovative and beneficial product to enter the skinless market in decades. It has benefits over cellulose: better bacterial protection, increase yield performance and superior peeling characteristics. iPeel is ideal for steam, natural smoke and atomizing operations. It is the first plastic based product that has enough permeability to achieve the appropriate skin tone and protein layer. iPeel is available from 16mm to 38mm and can be ordered in clear, with stripes or with a specific color that match’s your food safety program.

iCel was also introduced around 2012 and it is the ‘big brother’ of iPeel. The product has won several awards for innovation and can be used as a viable replacement for items such as non-edible collagen and Fibrous. iCel has substantial cost advantages over collagen and fibrous on a per foot/meter basis. It is particularly useful for cooked and or cooked and dried products. The product can be produced in various colors or with up to five color printing. The product is also available in various levels of internal adhesion providing the opportunity for more cling or more peel ability. During holding periods (prior to cooking and after cooking or during drying) iCel has a high level of bacterial protection providing addition piece of mind. It is available in several configurations including shirred, reels and cut and tied.

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